punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

How to get blowed up by the police

I am now at 12k words, but haven't updated my site because Chapter 4 slowed to a crawl as I tried to sort out a plot point.

In other news, some artists in Berlin have attached small computers and a projector to the sides of subway cars to play videos on the walls of the "hidden world" of subway tunnels. A long time ago, when I was less worried about getting to my destination on time, I used to get on the very front subway car, and look through the dark glass of the conductor's booth to see the tunnels, and even though I hate it when the trains frequently stop in the tunnels for no reason, I look at the grimy wall and cabling, and wonder a little about the hidden life of the tunnels.

Eh. Maybe DC metro rail is not as exciting as the ones in Berlin. But I'll tell you what, if anyone sees you attaching suitcases to cars... and delays MY commute as they evacuate the whole system? I am going to beat your artistic ass.
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