punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


I can't sleep. Clown will get me.

Today, and by today I really mean yesterday, I didn't get any writing done, but I uploaded what I had so far and it's at 12,431 words. I needed a break because I didn't want to burn out. I have ideas for chapters 5 and 6 already, and they need to stew. I anticipate I won't get a whole lot of writing done this week or even next week. My main focus is when I take a week off the week of Thanksgiving to get most of it done; anything I get done before that is gravy.

Instead, I finally got sick of how awful our pantries had gotten, so I pulled everything out of them, cleaned off the shelves, and put everything back neatly, and even labeled some of the shelves by what should go there in the future. I also tossed out about 2 bags of trash because some stuff had gone bad, we had a few appliances in the "appliance graveyard" that weren't worth saving, and then there was evidence of a mouse, which had eaten some things including about half a can of chewable chocolate calcium supplements.

That must have been one crunchy mouse by the time my cats had gotten to it.
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