punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

To those who rode the Orange line this morning...

If your stop was Farragut West... sorry, no work for you! :)

So, there I was, listening to some Blumchen (German techno-pop) on my Sandiskmp3 player, when I see one of the metro stops zzzzooommm past us. Then the train stopped very suddenly. Then the announcer started saying something kind of important; you could tell because instead of the "mugga mugga orange lon to mugga wuggle..." nonsense, it was a kind of, "Uh... passenerz... ar see do be axprez a pass o delay in ornage lon to overshot the platform..."

BWAH! I didn't even know that was possible. Yeah, sorry guys, you all have to get off at McPherson Square and take the train going to other way by one stop. But for a moment I thought the station was under lockdown or something. On the Orange line in the morning commute, it's one of the more popular destinations, I guess there are a lot of Federal offices around there or something.

Oh, and Blue Cross and "GEHA" are ad whores. I know that Nov 1st is the kickoff for Federal workers and their health plans, but the media blitz in Metro center and Gallery Place are insane. Huge banners! One of them showing two people jumping on beds (I think an adult and a kid), saying, "Remember what is important..." "Yeah," I think. "Low ceilings!"

Learned that the hard way when I was 8.
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