punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I support wiccans and homosexuals... and I vote!

I voted, and my guy won. I was worried I wouldn't make it because takayla had to work in Baltimore Tuesday, but she picked me up, and we got to the polls at around 6:30; 30 minutes to spare. I predicted the turnout would be high, but I was wrong, and we were numbers 461 and 462 in our voting area. Judging by the sparse crowd, I doubt they broke 500 by 7pm. In contrast, we were 3002 and 3004 during the presidential election.

The news said, "Voting turnout was low overall, but still good for an 'off season election.'"

Virginia was being watched because it was the only state where the republican guy didn't "distance" himself from ties with President George Bush Jr., and now that they lost by about 100,000 votes, I bet when elections come in 2008, you'll see a lot more GOP candidates going, "We... ah... no, never thought he was... ah... yeah... um..."

This is unless GWB pulls some media miracle, which could happen since he's got 3 years to turn his image around, but judging from the recent political snafus, like his VP supporting torture, this is less and less likely.

Anyone see Senator McCain on the Daily Show? God, he's trying so hard not to say his party sucks. He reminds me when I worked at AOL.
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