punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Folk of the 80s...

You know the music. It's some bad 80s movie where the teen girls have crimped hair, and the guys have knitted ties and rooster tails. It could be a movie, could be a TV show like "Saved by the Bell." Who knows. The backdrop is a school dance, or someone wandering up an uphill road in the city in the sunset. If you ever want to hear quintessential 80's background music, go buy the album to the soundtrack, "The Lost Boys."

Yeah, that "cool vampire movie" of our generation.

"Then what are you, the Flying Nun??!!" said Sam.

Anyway, I recently got ahold of the soundtrack from the movie that showed us some towns "have too many damn vampires," because I was looking for more music like "Cry Little Sister," by Gerard McMann; the theme song everyone knows in the goth crowd. I mean, Holy Christ in whiteface and Doc Martens, we grew up to that! All mopey and junk, thinking Robert Smith would save us all (I am still waiting; at least he was in South Park). But, alas, I am now listening to such bad 80s music, some by big names like INXS and Echo and the Bunnymen (who does a limp cover of the Doors' hit, "People are Strange"), I can barely contain my laughter at my desk.

I mean, it's that bad. It so perfectly nails the generic humdrum of an 80s movie, that I can see off-the-shoulder-sweater-wearing Molly Ringwald rolling her eyes at the angst-du-jour, or Alley Sheety biting her lower lip in indecision, while Charlie Sheen looks at some problem with squinted eyes and a hairstyle normally seen on blond Norwegian sailors. Gag me with a spoon!

The only other salvageable track is a strange piece that would fit well in a Tim Burton film, and that's "To the Shock of Miss Louise," a haunted calliope by Thomas Newman (ninjacooter, you'd like this one). But, alas, it's only 1:22 long.

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