punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Well, I have some good news, not related to car insurance

I might be able to save most of my data. In fact, some of it is in the process of being rebuilt right now. And thus ends a scary week, and while part of me said, "I better not post this, lest bad luck make my data blow up again," I am still trying to stop thinking that way, because that's a teenager, superstitious, defeatist, and depressing philosophy that gains me nothing by "being right." I'm not a 12 year old being beaten by his father anymore, I am... well, more on that later.

The inner spiritual advice was dead on.

First, an attempt to get my backup machine working was a success. I put the hard drive of the primary backup in the secondary backup machine, and I got it to boot off a CD. I copied over my backups, and rescued most of Christine's stuff, and part of my stuff. This rescued all my finances, about 80% of my writing, and all my mail.

Next, I managed to rebuild the RAID5 array with two disks, but Linux didn't like it very much. The MD5 checksums didn't match on more than half the files, according to tripwire. Still, with a variety of tools, I was able to get a lot of it repaired and right now, I am slowly copying over what survived. This is all my MP3s, videos, Linux stuff, and other junk that could be replaced, but what a pain. Later, I will do an fsck, and try and rescue some of my data the backups lost.

I brought in my New Zealand Pine a day late, and half of it died from the cold, but the other half looks okay. It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but there's still a lot of healthy green shoots. I wish I was more attentive towards my plants.

And it finally hit me a few days ago, OMG, my BIRTHDAY is coming up. I will be THIRTY SEVEN. I was supposed to be dead at 20. HAH! Bonus round! One up...!
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