punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Isn't there some law that says you can't get sick on your birthday?

Well, there oughtta be...

I had a head cold all weekend, and now it's in my lungs. It rattles when I breathe, breathing is difficult, which means I am paranoid I'll get pneumonia again. Of course, now I'ts been almost 2 years since my last bout with the 'monia, but for a while there I was getting it every year. The last three times I worried I was getting pneumonia turned out to be paranoid speculation that went nowhere. So now I don't know what to think.

The great data recovery effort is now almost over. The scores are at this level:

- Personal writing: 90% saved, but some of that other 10% really hurt.
- Mail: 100% saved (most was on Yahoo anyway)
- Finances: 90% saved, but that 10% was archived data from years back.
- Photos and images: 80% saved.
- Code: 80% saved.
- Music collection: 60% saved, but that 40% can mostly be re-ripped.
- Video collection: Undetermined. Checksums seem to say 80% okay.
- Sound collection: 90% saved (sound effects, midi files, stuff like that).
- Linux/Windows Install files: Only 40% saved, but almost all can be re-downloaded.

Part of the problem is I have so much stuff (this is like 60gb we're talking here), that it will take a long time to determine just how much was lost. Like take music files: some of them I managed to retrieve, but they end abruptly, or have 2 seconds of a loud staic sound and then play. But I have over 3000 songs. And 100 videos, some of them over 20 min in length.

Files that suffered the worst: zip files, tar.gz files, mp3 files, MS Word .doc formats, wmv, and DivX avi files.
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