punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Bleeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.... :(

I am so miserable. I am pretty sick, but had to come into work anyway because everything I had to do involved physically being here. I am hoping I'll just get better somehow. I have a low fever, and the rattle in my chest is almost gone, so things are improving. I have Aleve, cough drops, and plenty of free soda and coffee if I need it, but I am sticking to water currently.

I have next week off. I am hoping I can just limp along for the next two days, and after my party on Saturday, just relax and make up for it before Thanksgiving.

I also broke the seal on the emergency card to get the main Linux back up and working. Ouch. $410 for a similar motherboard, replacement RAM, one replacement internal hard drive, one external hard drive (for offsite backup), and a DVD-R (which was on sale for $40, how I could pass that up?). I have decided to stick with an old video card for now. I will try not to care that none of the case lights work anymore (I think they blew out). Everything else looks okay, so hopefully, before Thanksgiving, I'll have a server up and running again.

A huge storm is coming, so I unplugged the external hard drive. I wasn't taking chances, so I unplugged it from both the power AND the USB cable, so if it gets fried, it's because there's an external fire, which would suck because then my house burns down. I also shut off my Linux box, because last thing it needs is a second jolt. I did this even though they are all on a UPS with surge suppression because now I am uber-uber paranoid.

I also realize "uber" is not a real prefix, but a bastardization of the German word for "over," from the Nietzsche's term, "Ubermensch." I don't care. Everyone else uses "uber" to mean "really." Why can't I? It's so ... burgeosie/nouveau riche sounding.
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