punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A nice steak is still a nice steak

Last night I had a nice steak. If I or someone else had made this steak for me, I would have been pleased. If I had to pay nearly $45 for the same steak at a restaurant that specializes in steak? I would have been unimpressed.

I am sure Ruth's Chris Steak House in Bethesda is a fine place. And the food was good. But really, for the prices they had, I am glad I was not paying, and a friend was (for my birthday), because my meal came to about $60. It was a $20 meal at best. The worst part, however, was the service was sooooo sloooow.... we had 8pm reservations, were seated at around 8:15, didn't have a waiter until 8:30, and then our food came at 9:15, and we didn't get the check until 10:30.

I became very aware how unsteady my chair was. I was afraid if I tilted too much to one side, it would break.

But the company was good. I was with takayla, my long-time friend and confidant Brad, one of his former coworkers Kevin, and Kevin's wife Elaine. Everyone was very sociable, and I had a great time overall, even thought I was sick, and Brad couldn't remember any conversation we had the previous night ;-).

In other news, I am still slightly sick, but I haven't had a fever for a while. I don't think I have pneumonia, or at least I stopped obsessing over it. I should be fine for the party tomorrow, although I apologize ahead of time to guests if my house and floor aren't as clean as I'd like them to be.

Sunday, those that stayed overnight are going with us to see Harry Potter. Ooooh...
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