punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Monday Funday

I have today off. I have the whole damn week off. Wheeee!

But first, I have a lot of entries to put down, so here we go.

Despite my illness, my party went really well. before I give a recap, I want to thank the people who gave a little extra, and I don't mean presents.

First, takayla, who planned the whole damn thing. Murder mystery and all. I love you, Cookie! Next, anyarm, fuzzywhuze, and ninjacooter, who came early and helped set up and decorate. Then there's the incalculable help from the team of tth and aylinn, who cooked and cleaned. And an extra shout out to gypsy_sylvin's SO Chris, who helped serve food and gather trash. I am humbled by you all. :)

Extra beads to anyarm for getting me expectorant. It turned me from concertina to a true wind instrument.

There were a lot of other people at the party, I think 40 in all. I'd list them, but I am sure I'd forget someone, and feel bad later. People came in bunches. Bruce and Cheryl Evry came by for an hour, all the way from Fort Washington, and that really meant a lot to me because apart from some of my McLean friends, B&C have been my friends longest of all. They knew me at 17. I only know a few people who can claim the same thing, and only a few of them ever knew me in fandom. I considered B&C the cornerstone of my new life as an adult; the first real friends I had outside of McLean.

The party started on Friday, IMHO, with anyarm, fuzzywhuze, and ninjacooter... and just kept going through the main party Saturday, and then ended Sunday afternoon with Seth, kaiotte, thedreamymoon, and ninjacooter going to see "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" with my family, and later in the evening, anyarm and fuzzywhuze stopped by and we had a small dinner.

Some highlights:

- The party had a Mardi Gras theme, as did the murder mystery. Beads were given out as prizes. "Tell me a joke that I have never heard of before and think as funny," was the best bead prize.
- I didn't guess the correct murderer at all, and in fact, my guess lost first.
- I am surprised as the number of my friends who will show their boobs for beads. I won't name names, of course, but I salute you brave people.
- Getting bitten on the penis by a black widow spider, while camping, in Tennessee, at 3am, the nearest local hospital is a 45 minute drive away, and undergoing renovations ...is apparently no fun. Thanks for sharing, I am never going camping again, James.
- King Cake is awesome.
- You could have a lobster hanging from the ceiling, and the only comment you'll get is, "Nice..."
- Thinkgeek.com screwed up my wish list something awful (half of it was stuff I never picked, and some of it was stuff I already owned), but this led to an amazing gift: a fake, solar-powered plant. It doesn't grow or anything, but in bright light, it bobs.
- If you make a device that consists of spinning LEDs in a wand, people will stare at it for hours.
- I have the best friends EVAR!

Before Harry Potter, there were trailers.

Jesus Christ.... Superman....

Okay, I am not a Superman fan. I mean, I don't dislike him or anything, I just think as a superhero he's been overdone, had his story re-written far too many times, and he's just kind of outdated and even goofy among today's superhero genres. Also, the trailer for the new Superman movie is so close to a messiah piece, it's creeping me out. No more Superman. Please.

I had already seen the trailer, along with the new Peter Jackson film "Kong," before. I am not excited about Kong, either, because I never got into Kong or any film with monkeys. But even with that, I have to admit, it looks like a winner.

The new Harry Potter movie surprisingly left me emotionally spent and disoriented. I mean, I knew the whole story before, but that part with Cedric's father wailing... hurt a little more than a film should have. I guess too many people have died in my life to step back. Cho Chang seemed a little less of a part than I would have guessed. I heard Katie Leung, the actress who played her, is hated all over the Internet community because she had no previous acting experience. But kick-ass, she has a Scottish accent! So who cares what the community thinks.

Happy birthdays to thedreamymoon, fadedblackrose, and ninjacooter... in that order. My scorpion sisaths!

I also crossed 25k last night for NaNoWriMo. A little behind, but halfway there!

Oh, and for those of you who worried about Widget, he seems to be fine. We think someone stepped on his recently repaired foot at the party, but he was running around all day today without yelping. And my wheezing is fading, so I think I have beat this thing without antibiotics this round. Yay!
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