punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My Tuesday off

Last night, I dreamt that I was at the last "Cheers" themed restaurant in New York, which was closing, and some of the actors and actresses who played in the TV series came by to be pretend hosts and say goodbye. For some reason, I was trying to buy a blue gel candle I found from their ice-cream freezer, but no one was able to open the cash drawer, so I got it for free. Then I had a dream I had horrible tumors growing out of my stomach, and was deemed "inoperable," so I had to pop them like zits or cut them off with scissors. I woke up grossed out, and wondered if the two dreams were related.

I got up late, checked on my rebuilt Linux box, and it's doing fine. I found my backups were failing locally due to an error in my script where I must have run a script as root, which created a temp file as root, and then any user but root couldn't over-write that file, and hilarity ensued. Now I have fixed that.

I did some loads of laundry. Then my day got weird.

I watched part of a terrible BBC "programme" on the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and I say terrible not because of the content, but it was done with stop-motion animation and puppets that would embarrass even Rankin-Bass. Then, while searching the Internet to make sure I was spelling "Rankin Bass" correctly, I found their site, which had an ad for Thundercats, and one of them was this little gem for parents. I remember Kate and I watching this series with her 8-year old nephew TJ, and making fun of the credits, which had a staff psychologist listed. This reminded me that the McLean High School Science Fiction and Fantasy Club has a self-proclaimed "Staff Psychologist," a guy named Jeff Bardzell, who, IMHO, was a terrible psychologist (but a fun guy, nonetheless). This then reminded me of my friend Jason, who was a member of our club, and even raised money for our club with M&M sales, even though he wasn't a student of our school. He sold M&Ms for a McLean club in Marshall High School. When we asked him, "Doesn't anyone ask who they are for?" he said, "Nope." Sorry, fuzzywhuze, McLean hoodwinked your school in 1986-87. Jason went on to become an astrophysicist, one of my only two friends to become an honest-to-goodness, "kid would recognize what they do" scientist, the other being Tom Holtz, who became a paleontologist, with a speciality in...? Anyone?

The Tyrannosaurs Rex.

Life moves in funny circles like that. And the day isn't even over yet.
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