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Linux - x2vnc - VNC between two monitors

Okay, this is pretty cool. This was given to me by one of my coworkers.

We have multiple machines at our desk. Most people here have one set of mice, monitor, and keyboard for each machine, which takes up a lot of desk space. I had always wondered, in my "ideal desktop solution," how to combine multiple monitors on several machines, but have them all linked together to one keyboard and mouse. I could have a wraparound effect where monitor 1 was my Linux box and monitor 2 was my Windows box, and so on. Well, this program lets you do just that without a KVM:


This creates a thin 1 px border (defaults to right side of screen, but you can change it to any of the four borders) where your mouse goes to the edge and then appears on the monitor running a VNC server. For instance, at work, I have a Win2000 box and a Slackware Linux box. I set my KVM to the Linux box (you don't need a KVM, I just have one), installed x2vnc, launched the VNC server on my Windows box, ran x2vnc -east [ip address]:0, and I could zoom my mouse and keyboard between the two machines like they were the same long desktop...

Tré cool...
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