punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Gobble gobble... in more ways than one

I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. :)

I wanted to write more last night (304 short of 40k?), but after midnight, my creative juices got all squeezed out, and I knew I had to do housework for Thanksgiving today. My vacation is more than half over now, and I am still wheezing a lot, but every day it's a little less worse. I haven't been SICK sick, but I wish I hadn't been sick at all. I guess it works out better this way, because if I had to do the metro while sounding like a concertina, I am sure I would have gotten much sicker.

I balanced the books yesterday. Meaning I did our finances, which should be done 3-4 times a month, but lately, I have only been doing them once a month, which means bills get paid late. It's the same story, which is that we're really behind, but I guess at least were not further behind than October, which a plateau is better than a negative slide, right? Of course, the bills for the computer spare parts will come in December. We've already agreed we won't buy each other Christmas presents. I hate this, I am making more now in salary than I ever have, but still dealing with the "Christ, where has all the money gone?" bullshit. Luckily, I keep track of this, so I know the money has gone into increased gas prices, medical bills, increased utility prices, higher mortgage, higher taxes, and then when you are in credit card debt, there's the interest. I am paying more monthly on CC interest than my power bill. I am making more that $1000 more a month than 5 years ago, but my base cost of living has matched that, and in 2003-2004, exceeded it, which I am still catching up to. I feel I can't claim to be poor; I have friends who eat ramen out of the bag because they don't want to spend the electricity to run the stove to cook it. I just feel that with all the 12 hour days I spend, with the loss of quality of life I sacrifice for my work, I should get some comfort and security back, that's all.

People are coming over today. Brad, Missie and her roommate Jocelyn (sp?), Matt, Anya, and maybe later the Heare family when they try and escape the family members that came down on their house.
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