punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I had a good Black Friday.

First, aynarm called the mall yesterday, and they said they opened at 5. That was bullcrap, they opened at 8. Not that I would have wanted to be there at 8 anyway, but all night I was thinking, "What the hell?" Chance came and spent the night.

We got there around 10ish. We did some shopping and people watching, decided to have an early lunch at Unos (good choice, it was empty when we arrived, but a line was waiting when we left), where we ran into the rest of the Heares, and watched Scarlet and Keiran escape into the mall, and then stodgycat had to go fetch them.

We didn't run into many rude people, but I noticed a LOT of people at Fair Oaks Mall, about 50% more than the previous years, and many of them looked like low-income people, so that's a good economic sign for this holiday season... I think. Anyway, we were forced to go to the "Limited Two" because we had to find something for Scarlet, and that place still gives me the willies.

We left around 2pm, and I started a fire. In the fireplace, silly. Right now, CR is playing games, Chance is practicing her clarinet (King Wenceslas and part of the William Tell Overture), and I am typing this. Chance is spending the night again, which is cool, and I think some or all of us may watch movies or play video games.
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