punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Family Fun?

When I worked retail, I wondered why people came more on Black Friday than, say, Saturday, and many people told me the same thing: to get out of the house and as far away from their family as possible. Most said it in a joking manner, but there was always that hint of desperation like, "Help me... please."

My wife left me today to go see her sister. It's just me, CR, and Chance. Chance thanked me for two solid nights of sleep where she could sleep in for as late as she wanted, which in her case is 8 or 9 (she lives with a lot of younger kids, who are all up at 6am, and make all kinds of noise, and wake her up insisting she be with them). I only got up that early because Widget was barking and howling, and then someone from a 202 area code keeps drunkenly calling my cell phone, thinking I am someone named Chad, Thad, Chet, or Todd (it's had to tell, his speech is pretty slurred, although I am pretty sure it's English), of whom he's really sorry about something he did on Thanksgiving (I think to Chad's wife). He has called my cell phone 5 times today so far. Three times from 8 until 10, and then twice since then. The last three times, when I answered, "Hello, this is Grig," he hangs up. I was surprised, because usually the wrong number asks for Tyrone.

Family fun. Heh.

Apart from that, it's really calm here.

I think I am going to build a Lego Viking ship.
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