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I am so tired, I can't even express how worn out I feel. I think it's the weather.

I got a new watch on Black Friday. Casio "Forester," the first analog watch I have bought for quite some time. When my old watches wear out, I never know what kind of new watch I am going to get, but feel obligated to make a good choice because it's got to last me a few years. I was a bit surprised the Forester stood out since I haven't worn an analog watch since my Omega Constellation died on me back in 1994 (auto-windup: the glow paint on the hands fell off, got in the gears, and it would stop and restart randomly). But now I own a watch that tells the time by hands, and has the date as an analog number field, which I am sure I have to change every other month that does not end on the 31st. At least it's battery operated, so I don't have to wind it.

Speaking of time... I also still hate Windows. Recently, it has occurred to me that I have lost a lot of valuable life time waiting for it to do something, and it usually never tells you what it's doing or how long it takes. And when something does not work, it will rarely tell you, or will have a cryptic log. Today, for instance, I spent 10 minutes waiting for my laptop to find a USB hard drive. I wanted to load some new music on my MP3 player, but Windows kept thinking... and thinking... and thinking... about what? What is taking it so long? If only there was a sign, like "trying to find blah..." or "can't find blah, will wait another 30 seconds" or whatever. Give me some hope you are actually doing something versus just freezing or crashing.

Linux spoils me.
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