punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


Man, I am so sleepy. On top of yesterday's sleepiness, I decided NOT to sleep when I got home, so I could eat and go to bed... and then I got paged. I think I went to be at 3:30 or so when we decided the server was okay for the time being, and we'd have a meeting later today about what happened and what to do next.

Compaqs are such suckky-ass computers. I just have to repeat this, even though I have been saying it since my telecom programmer days, but I have had nothing but trouble with Compaq servers and computers. That's a capital T that rhymes with C and that stands for Compaq...

Anyway, I get to work, and hit the ground running with other issues, which is keeping me awake, I guess. That and the terrible coffee here. I half-slept (you know, you're asleep, but aware enough of your surroundings to remember some of it) on the ride to work, so I have gotten about 3-4 hours of sporadic sleep. I keep thinking the same thing I thought back on the International Help Desk: this lack of sleep is going to kill me eventually. And I'm here until 7pm.

I may have to write stupid random entries all day to keep me awake.
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