punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

NaNoWriMo - Looking back

I started editing my NaNoWriMo story. Some reasons as to why I am going back (possible spoilers if you haven't read the whole thing yet):

- I want to see if I can make a polished product
- Meggar, a minor character, just vanished. Sorry, Meggar. I think your part was pretty extraneous anyway, so I am putting Winnidread in your place. Don't come in my dreams and haunt me about it.
- One of Donnabel's catch phrases changes three times; I gotta choose one of them.
- The whole introduction was pretty mixed up, stylistically. It needs a better flow.
- I wanted to add some more historical references, explain why things are the way they are a little more, and tighten up how Gate Keepers see their world.
- Expand the library scene, and give the library a real name.
- I don't know WHERE the scene with Lillybeth confessing her love went. What got uploaded was the version BEFORE I added that scene, and I lost the scene, apparently. I'll have to rewrite that whole bit, which I wasn't happy with anyway (it felt contrived). In fact, Lillybeth looks pretty awkwardly placed rather suddenly in the plot, even though that was never the case. If anyone wants to know the tune she sings to, BTW, it's the melody behind "Greensleeves." Yes, I know, ALL of her lyrics need a better pentameter, and now I have time when before I didn't want to waste time dwelling on it.
- I still need a FARKING TITLE!!!

Some of you want me to publish the story, but I am not going to publish YET, since there are some references to the Tony Bumper saga that would make better sense if this came afterwards (notably spoilers). Now that I know I CAN blaze through this, I know I can do the same with Tony Bumper. That book is going to be the first in a non-linear series about the worlds between us. This work was an offshoot of that first book, but this helped me solve some things in the first book.
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