punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend

I am on call this weekend, so I will be at home almost all the time.

I really need to work on that bathroom. Now we're down to two bathrooms because the toilet broke in the pink guest bathroom. We had a guest who broke the toilet innards at my party, which wasn't her fault, it was really badly corroded and aged plastic. While doing the repair, I found the toilet tank had cracked and was on the verge of breaking in half, which was a stroke of luck, really. If that guest hadn't forced me to repair it, I wouldn't have discovered the crack until it leaked water all over the lower floor. Possibly while we were away. I shut the water off, but now I need a new toilet, since this one is so old, it's one of those large ones, and I need to replace it with a newer low-flow requirement.

But back to the partially-demolished bathroom. I really need to get some work gloves, and finish gutting it out. I mean, it's half torn-down. Once I get it to the bare studs, I can do some rewiring and replumbing. Then I'll put the new tub in, put up proper drywall/greenboard, tile the floor, and put in a new cabinet, sink, and toilet.

Feh. I'll probably just sleep. :(

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