punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend has sucked balls.

Well, I tried to have a good time, but reality was to pressing. Because Compaq makes shitty computers, I spent most of my weekend babysitting a web server, and dealing with some pretty old stuff (Internet-wise, like 4-5 years old). I haven't gotten more than a few hours sleep in a row, although I napped when I could.

I am still up because it ended up that us hosting guys had to do an emergency migration to an untested platform. And we all have to be up bright and early in the morning because the other hosting guys have to meet with a cranky customer (unrelated to this weekend's disaster), and I have to hold the fort while they go to the meeting.

We tried to do Christmas decorations, car shopping, and getting an estimate to replace our failing deck. I couldn't help much with the decorations, except get them down from the attic. CR, anyarm, and takayla did most of the setup. takayla also went shopping for a new car.

We need a new car badly. The Saturn Coupe is okay, nothing wrong with it, but it's too small. We got it as a "second car" for Christine to commute in, but it was a little hard for more than two people to ride in. The wagon is old, and we gave it to CR anyway. We had decided we needed a truck-like vehicle because oddly enough, the wagon and the coupe have similar room for cargo, but not for passengers. We need more room for both, and we're shopping for a Saturn VUE.

We also need to replace the deck. It is falling apart everywhere. We had someone come in and do an estimate, and it's around what we thought it would be. We're getting more estimates throughout the week.

To do all this, we're getting a home equity loan. We have a lot in this house already, since we made a sizeable down payment 5 years ago, and the value of the house is a *lot* more than what we owe. We had to wait to see how our property taxes rose the house cost, but it was pretty low, so we can afford the payments if we tighten our belts some more. I don't want to do this, mind you, but we have no choice. I hate loans. I hate owing money. But right now, in the winter, the car sales are low and construction workers are more plentiful. Better time than any.
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