punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Life's lessons

Some people, especially my scientific pals, wonder why I believe in mystic mumbo-jumbo. I never know what to say, except, "I live my decisions by experience." Experience has taught me repeatedly that some stuff you just can't explain. There are too many coincidences and a lot of irony all around us, and I guess I just see it where other people don't. A lot of my mystical writing comes from the roots of real events. Much of it I don't tell here because I realize some of it would be too hard to swallow, so it comes out in the realm of fiction. My NaNoWriMo story had a lot of fantasy elements in it. Many are based on actual things I saw, but told no one about. Those who see things others don't see get used to rejection pretty quickly. How we deal with it differs, but today, I have seen a lesson on my life so self-referential, it looped back on itself repeatedly in ways that delivered itself as a package in the form of a lesson. I couldn't even begin to explain it, but it involves the following:

- A family secret
- Cleaning in a hurry
- Fire
- Scout badges
- Pain I have to take care of myself
- Parallels to two other people's lives right now
- Alcohol
- Christmas
- And this strip

I won't go into it, but ... thank you, God(-like being). Nice to know you're there. In any form. And I am still not drinking.
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