punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Dislike is one thing... but violent hatred?

I am kind of curious about some things people have intense hatred for. I am not talking about people who don't like these things; what I mean by "intense hatred" is someone who hates the following so much, not only do they grit their teeth while speaking about the subject, but will often make all kinds of "witty" suggestions involving severe violence.

- Children
- Cats
- Small dogs
- The Holiday season

If it was just one person who didn't like small dogs, or just a lot of people who didn't want cats as a pet, that's one thing. But I see an extraordinary amount of people who HATE these things to the point they'll make all kids of comments about destructive ways to deal with them, like obliteration. For example, I see a lot of tech boards where jokes are constantly made about electrocuting children who misbehave. Cats are suggested to be be filleted, and small dogs placed in chipper shredders.

Once, I was taking care of my friend Jenny's Pomeranian (a small poofy dog) at a FanTek con, and got all kinds of "jokes" like, "Hey, a football!" or "What a tasty snack!" I took Ahfu to another, and while everyone there was very nice, one guy chased him with an axe to be "funny" (Ahfu has barked at people in button vests ever since).

WTF? Why are these overly violent views "popular?" Can my readers speculate?
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