punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Meme - Con going

I have shit to do. Wrapping and so on. So why am I doing this meme I found thanks to sagesaria?

I. Con Going
1. Have you ever gone to an anime convention?: Yes
2. Are you planning to go to one in the near future?: Katsucon. I kind of have to, now, don't I? :)
3. You have been to 1-5 conventions?: Higher...
4. You have been to 6-10 conventions?: Much higher...
5. You have been to 11 or more conventions?: I would say, since I started in 1984, over 70 in those 21 years. Like 40+ FanTek cons, Balitcons, Disclaves, Katsucons, Otakons, Philcons, and a lot of smaller "flash in the pan" cons.
6. You rival Richard "Pocky" Kim in your con count?: Pocky made a meme? Heh. Hard to tell. I think since he's a lot younger than I am, less only by that alone. I think he went to 6-8 cons a year at his peak.
7. You've been to a con for one day?: Only a few.
8. You've stayed all three days of a con?: Most of them
9. You've had more than 4 people in a hotel room?: I think the record was 17 back in the 1980s.
10. You've slept on the floor of the hotel room?: I didn't get a bed until 1986, and I had to share that with 4 other people, one of them who rocked her foot (we slept foot-to-head to fit better) nervously while she slept, and so I didn't get much sleep.

II. Social Behavior
11. Have you met someone you knew online at a con?: All the time.
12. Are you now good friends with an online friend?: Many.
13. Are you now dating an online friend?: No, I got married back in the BBS days
14. Ever glomped someone?: Hell yeah. I used to lift them in the air when my back was better.
15. Ever been glomped?: All the time. Been knocked over by dreamtigress, as a matter of fact.
16. Ever have a fangirl/boy moment?: To me or from me? Yes on both counts.
17. Was it over yaoi/yuri?: No.
18. Cons are the extent of your social activity?: It's a good percentage of it.
19. People know who you are, even if you don't know them?: Oh yeah. That's a big problem, and I come off as rude because my memory is soooo bad.
20. You're a FansView Con Personality of the Week?: I have been on a lot of anime photosites... and not because I wear a costume, oddly enough.

III. Cosplay
21. Ever cosplayed?: Um... sorta. Did improv halftime at them. Was a technical judge at another.
22. Worn 2-3 costumes over a con?: No. Costumes are bulky and hot.
23. Worn 4-5 costumes over a con?: No.
24. Hell, you're changing costumes every other hour (6+ costumes)?: I am NOT a fanboy!
25. Do you bring a camera to photograph cosplayers?: I phtograph everyone, so sorta.
26. Participated in a masquerade?: See above. Actaully, add to that I was Emcee and judge at many, many FanTek cons.
27. Won an award?: Yeah...
28. Been complimented on your costume?: Yes. I was doing a demo for Purple Unicorn, I think.
29. You're recognized by your local fabric store employees?: Nope.
30. You take commissions?: If offered, sure! :)

IV. Life At A Con
31. You usually stay up past midnight at a con?: It's a requirement, although I find it harder to stay up past 1am as I got older.
32. ...Past 2AM?: Sometimes.
33. ...Past 4AM?: Rearely these days, but it happens.
34. Sleep is for the weak?: After seeing the effects, no. Claiming sleep is for the weak is irresponsibly macho.
35. You like Pocky?: Oh HELLS YEAH!
36. You've gotten sick of fast food by the end of the con?: Yes.
37. You've gone broke from eating hotel food?: Yes.
38. You've survived off Ramen the whole weekend?: A few times, when I was younger, I sustained off a loaf of bread and a ja of peanut buttor or "goober grape" (PB and J in one jar).
39. You've blown at least $100 in the dealers room?: [sobs] I still do! I need HELP!
40. You've managed to spend nothing in the dealers room?: Even when I was broke, I worked Nancy's table for cash.

V. Everything Else
41. You hang out regularly with con buddies?: Yes.
42. You go to school/work with con buddies?: Sometimes.
43. You drive more than an hour to see con buddies?: Yes.
44. You preregister for cons?: Early and often.
45. You plan months ahead for the next cons?: Yes, if I am doing panels and the like. I am preparing for Katsucon, for instance.
46. You've driven more than 6 hours to get to a con?: Been driven, yes.
47. You've taken a plane to get to a con?: No.
48. You've volunteered at a convention?: That's all I do these days. I haven't been to a con I wasn't working at for... over 15 years.
49. You're staff of a convention?: Yep.
50. You're starting your own convention?: I reply to those loud voices with this: Why I'll Never Run a Convention
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