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Late entry: Christmas weekend and then some

Sorry this entry is late, but I have been really busy these last few days.

I had a really good Holiday weekend.

I had today off, actually, all of my work did except the NOC, which consists of like 3 people a day in 10-hour shifts or something. I'm not sure how that works. Anyway, I got some great gifts, hung out with some amazing people, and had a good time over last weekend.

I got to sleep a lot, which I really, really needed. It sounds sad, but I enjoyed my sleep most of all. I have slept so hard, I pinched off body parts, and woke up with numb hands, legs, and my neck at one point because I slept so heavily. I dreamed a lot, too. Nothing major, no nightmares or anything, just... like I was catching up on lots and lots of lost sleep.

On Friday, I left early and got picked up by anyarm from the Metro with takayla, and we all hung out.

Saturday was Christmas Eve, and I spent it with CR most the day at Fair Oaks mall because we had nothing better to do but see the chaos (which wasn't that bad, really), and I needed some alone time with him (no intervention, just quality time). His grades have been phenomenal (all A's and B's), and he hasn't missed one damn day of school so far this year. Holy fuck, that impresses me. With a broken hand and chronic asthma, no less. I dare any of you to do the same! We also went to Build-a-bear, and built one for no reason other than to build one. They have a poor selection in punk clothing, but I put a lion's roar in his paw, so at least he SOUNDS threatening...

I love Build-a-Bear. I want one of those machines in my living room.

I wonder if they would hire me at Hot Topic? I could work there weekends. I know it's deep into poserville, but their stuff is so cool. I bet the store politics are beset with drama, though. I haven't done retail in so long, I bet I am too fat to stand for that long at a time.

Christmas Day, anyarm and fuzzywhuse came over and we unwrapped gifts, hang out, ate a lot, and had one of the best Christmases in long time since we last spent Christmas at my mother-in-law's.

Among some of the cool items I got:
- More tee-shirts from Family Guy, NASA Space Shuttle, and one that looks like a circuit board
- A tye-dye CIA blanket (I may or may not know people who may or may not work there)
- A magnetic spinning globe and DC-3.
- Lots of books, including books on how to be a better house cleaner
- Gift cards to Sears, Starbucks, and Morton's Steak House.

I don't know about you all, but as I said, I had Monday off. Our "day off" was Monday instead of Friday (same with New Year's next week). I had to take advantage of the day off, so I worked right through it with a lot of household chores. I was pretty miserable, but I got a lot done.

The guest room was a wreck. I don't know how it got that way, but part of the problem was for the last month solutions to storage have been "put it in the guest room until we figure out where it goes..." A month later, it looks like the storage room of a hotel during a hurricane. The closet next to the bed, a rather large walk-in closet, had been reduced to a 4-foot pile behind a door. Literally. I don't know how it got that way, but it pissed me off. I spent an hour dragging stuff out, and that was no easy feat at first because the door wouldn't open but a crack, and I had to pull stuff out through the crack so the door would open wide enough for me to actually get in the large space. Who the hell designed a closet door the swings inwards (and only partially, because it hits a support beam, and can only open halfway)? Sadly, a box of old curtains had been ripped open, and I was constantly getting stabbed by those sharp curtain hooks. Most of the coat hangers for the collection of old winter coats were gone. I don't know where the hell they went. I ended up folding most of the coats into a box. I found a lot of missing blankets, and apologize to my guests who needed them this year. I found the Aerobed, and will, hopefully, find out once and for all if it developed a leak. The wheelchair was there, unfolded and upside-down. WTF? It was like some crazy animal went in there and tried to make a nest. Well, thankfully, once I got it all pulled out, it was pretty easy to sort, organize, and put it all back in a neat stack that took up less than a third of the space the pile did. The rest of the guest room was tidied up a bit, but I still need to find a temporary home for all those collapsed boxes (we're going to try and sell stuff on eBay this year).

I wish I could hang my hammocks up. I paid $200 for those things at the Renn Fest, and only used them for 2 summers. When the deck couldn't hold their weight anymore, I took them down, and they have been in the closet downstairs ever since 2002.

I also did a lot of backed-up laundry, and it appears my dryer is dying. It's old, though, I am thinking it was built in the early 1980s. I have to run it twice to get my clothes dry. I thought for a while maybe the vent was blocked, but yesterday I scrubbed out the vents, didn't find much, and the problem is still there. I could replace the heating element like I did my last dryer, but... I want a new dryer with a warrantee. Luckily... Sears is having an appliance sale. I might also take advantage of this with a new fridge for the upstairs, something more energy compliant with two doors if it will fit in the space we have. We planned for the fridge with the loan. If I get a new appliance, I am *NOT* getting one with any onboard computer system if I can help it. That dishwasher is proof to me that "smart" appliances become "dumb" pretty quickly. I wouldn't mind smart appliances if they knew what I wanted them to do, but it's just one more fine piece of electronics to break and service :(.

Why does Windows highlight a whole word when I only want part of it to, say, cut and paste? I hate that. I hate Windows.

I did my finances, much of which was overdue (I hadn't balanced my bank statements since October). God, how depressing, and I don't want to talk about it. I had to search for paperwork for the loan, but it's always the wrong paperwork. "No, not proof you pay mortgage, but proof of escrow... no not that escrow..."

Do Goths wear whiteface anymore? Do they at least do the neck now? I hated it when some of my whitefaced friends did the face, and it ended at the chin; they looked like vampire mimes.

So I did trash, too, and over the night, high winds blew some of it away. Fair is fair, though, it blew other people's trash into MY yard. Heh. I stacked what I could back around my trash pickup area, and hoped they would haul it away, and thankfully, they did. Our trash people get mad if you have TOO much trash. I'll get a letter in the mail stating that if my trash continues in that amount, they will double my fee. They do this so that neighbors won't "double up" their trash together, like three houses pooling on one pickup, for example. They also get upset if you have furniture or large heavy things (like I got in trouble over disposing of an old AC once, but oddly enough, not over three toilets I have tossed since we've lived here), and god help you if you have any yard waste on non-yard waste day!

I can't explain this, but it makes slightly more sense if you are a regular reader of Fark.com and their Photoshop contests:
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