punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


I just want to say I am not sick yet. I only say this because I have been exposed to several sick children, a few sick adults, been in an elevator cab and metro car with several people hacking and coughing, and then exposed to sick children again.

Almost every year at this season, I get sick. Usually it's some death-like disease (meaning, it would have killed me before penicillin was discovered), usually cured by antibiotics. Bronchitis, strep throat, pneumonia, you name it; if it involves a bacterial infection in my ear, nose, sinuses, lungs, or throat, I've had it. I am so susceptible to these things, 2 out of 3 times I have visited a hospital, I'll get sick a few days later with one of them.

I am just proud I have made it this long. I have been popping echinacea, even though thedreamymoon will probably tell me that my OTC brand name echinacea pills are probably not very potent. I don't care if they are a fucking placebo, I am standing by them. And I am not buying the "if you say it out loud, you'll jinx it," because I am tired of that depressing, defeatist philosophy like some evil spirits are going, "Oh? You are appreciating life, are you? Well... we'll fix THAT!"

I refuse to be bullied by superstition. Even if I am superstitious.

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