punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Have a happy New Year weekend...

Today has been fruitful at work. I'd explain, but it doesn't sound all that impressive: I learned how to install and set up a MySQL database, port data to it from a remote box, and programmed Perl in CGI forms to make a web page that can scan for all kinds of "hits" on data that show possible bad trends.

In other news, apeyanne and Ed are at my house this weekend. They are staying for New Year's, but Ed's helping me with the two bathrooms by finishing the demolishing of the yellow one and will help me install a new toilet in the pink one. Yay, Ed! My hero... Last night, apeyanne brought out her R2D2. It confused Ahfu, who already figured out how to lock his wheels (push the red button with your nose). apeyanne is doing training for her company this week, and stayed at our house. her payment is bringing Ed :-D.

I am on call this weekend, but it should be pretty quiet. I am taking it because the guy who was on call had some family thing happen on him at the last moment, so I switched with him for the Schmoocon weekend, and because of that horrible web server problem a few weeks ago, I get a "comp day," which is January the 6th. So I get three three-day weekend in a row. Kick ass, man.

Is anyone like takayla and I, that once Christmas day is over, the sound of a Christmas song seem so wrong, you want to call the radio or alert the store owner to turn it off?
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