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So how was my New Year's on call? Pretty damn good. No pages at all so far.

I have today off, like a lot of you. I have been pretty busy, though, and here's what's been going on a Chateau du Punkie.

Friday, Ed demolished my "yellow" bathroom. We found more damage and some more interesting coverup. It seems the previous owners had just covered a bad subfloor with a good one without actually fixing the leak that made the previous subfloor go bad. So we have two layers of subfloor to fix. :(. I found out that the original tile in the bathroom was a tiny pearl-white tile with glitter in it. Heh. Anyway, all the old tile has been removed, so one I replace the subfloor, I should be good to go to retile and put up new drywall. Ed showed me a lot of what I already knew, but it was nice to get a refresher, and some tips he gave me that I didn't know will come in handy, especially hanging cement wonderboard. I have to remove all the debris first, though.

Saturday was New Year's eve, of course, and there was a lot of planning for the party. Part of that was replacing the toilet in the "pink" bathroom downstairs. This is where Ed and I found out that the previous covered covered up the old tile with new tile. Literally, the ugly dark pink tile is over some old small checkered pink tile below. And not only that, when they hit the toilet (last original toilet in the house that came with the house, so it was almost 36 years old), they formed the tile around it. They did a surprisingly good job, they must have had some kind of dremel to for each tile seamlessly, because we were shocked to see the toilet was not sitting on the tile on the floor, but the layer below it.

Needless to say, we were pissed, because the new toilet had a slightly different shape. We didn't have time or even wanted to get into retiling, so we broke the tile around the toilet, and sat the new on on the first payer as well, and it looks positively like shit! But the toilet is stable and functional, so that's where it will be until we can get to fixing that bathroom (which was next on the list anyway). Goddamn! No wonder the previous owners only used that bathroom for storage (literally, the shower held file cabinets, and none of us were sure the pluming still worked until we tested it when they moved out).

Ed worked real hard, and I am stating again how much I appreciated his work and advice. I really got to know Ed this weekend, and I am a better man for it. Ed's a really decent guy, and because of him (and apeyanne), I think I have forgiven Boston (long time readers know why that is).

Sadly, as we were finishing up some things, my throat started to feel bad, and I knew that my immune defenses, which had probably been working overtime, were starting to lose the battle. I had kind of hoped that all the sick people I had been exposed to had essentially the same strain, but knew that wasn't statistically probable. I took some "preemptive meds" and was kind of out of it the rest of the evening.

Our party had a good guest list Missie, Jason, Brad, apeyanne, Ed, the entire Heare family, anyarm, ninjacooter, thedreamymoon, and kaiotte. Flux was played. We chatted up until I went to bed, because my throat was closing up, and I assured I was going to catch pneumonia and die (I didn't).

We woke up late New Year's day, and those that stayed went to Amphora's. I got to speak with Jason more, and I wish I had more time with him. God, his sister, who I have known since she was a round lump in her mom's belly, is now selecting college applications. Jason, who is 18 years older than her, has his grant run out in September of 2006, and he's also looking for work. So they are both scanning colleges. Anyone want to hire a doctorate in astrophysics at their university for a long term tenure? Let me know...

Just before we went to Amphora's, somebody showed up with a pickup truck and firewood. Yay! I now have half a cord of fresh (well, seasoned) firewood! What luck.

Later, when we got home, my migraines started kicking in, and I finally had to rest in a dark room. I slept for 3 hours. When I woke up, it was just apeyanne Ed, and Brad... and we stayed up late talking (like 1am). They are such cool people, I am so blessed to know them. They played Star Wars and 80s Trivia.

One of takayla's gifts came in the mail: a subscription to Playboy. It was gift to her for for art purposes (her request), but I also like the cartoons, jokes, and articles, and CR will probably like the nude women... or maybe not. I wasn't into porn as a kid, probably for the same reasons CR isn't into it: we don't make a big deal about it in our house. People are born naked, are naked under their clothes, and naked people serve better to humor for me than titillation (unless it's forced in my face, then it's disgusting and insulting). I hadn't picked up or read a Playboy since... god, 1989? When I last worked at the book store. I wondered what had changed. I always remember thinking "man, this magazine is for adults," and now I read it and go, "Man, this magazine is for youngsters." Video game reviews? I couldn't believe it. The nekkid people were okay, more tasteful than stuff you usually find on the Internet, but airbrushed, which was kind of a turn off, because as Frank said in Bakashi's Cool World, "Noids do not have sex with doodles." Nice article on Shel Silverstein, though. I have always been a fan of Shel's pre-childhood poetry ("Freakers Ball" and "The Great Dope-off" among them), and I didn't know he wrote "A Boy Named Sue," or was a cartoonist for "Stars and Stripes."

Not all was happy, though. A friend of mine's cousin died, my sister-in-law Debbie will have to be on oxygen the rest of her life (although this is not a sudden thing), and I heard some really disturbing news the other day about a friend of mine I can't get into because it's one those "need to know" stories, but it taps deep into a childhood resolution to prevent an evil from happening again (think the plot from Steven King's "IT").

Monday, we saw Ed and apeyanne off. They are driving 8 flippin' hours back to Boston (on her work's dime, though). I wish them luck on the roads.

Many people say 2005 sucked, and well... it was better than the previous years for me (2001-2004 sucked for the most part), and apart from the whole leaving AOL and Artoo dying thing... not so bad. My "years" seem to go September to August, anyway, so it's difficult to tell what 2006 will bring. I am optimistic.

I'd settle for the status quo and be happy with that.
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