punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A Møøse once bit my sister...

So... maybe one of you could explain this.

I have Swedish heritage. I have been wanting to support this beyond an SE sticker on my car, and after a lot of searching, I found the local DC Drott Lodge #168 of VASA. I went to one of the bizarres a few years ago, and attended one in November, and got an application. Dues $20/year. Okay. I signed up, expecting no more than a newsletter and a calendar of events.

Um. No.

I got something back stating my dues were accepted and they would be reviewing my application, and would I drive on up for it this coming Sunday to present myself to the board of directors?


I guess this is more than just some club. I did notice that there was a section in my application for who would be sponsoring me, and I left that blank. I figured that was something left over from some old time, because the application looked like a 20th generation photocopy from an original form dating possibly back to the 1970s. I have several theories on why they want to see me:

- It's a formality, and they're not taking it seriously, and are just being friendly.
- It's a silly Moose-lodge club like thing. I'll have to wear a hat, do some steps of the hambo, and sing the many praises of Jansson's Frestelse, palt, och kottbullar (med lingonber...) while someone plays a concertina and fiddle.
- They may want me to prove I have Swedish ancestry somehow
- They are shocked anyone under the age of 65 sent in an application, and have to see it with their own eyes.
- Under "skills" I put computer and web design. They may know their web site is garish and sucks and will plead with me to fix it.
- I'll arrive and it will be people with carnival masks and long dark robes, who will require I drink the blood of Freya and swear an oath to Thor's hammer, which will be on a Ikea-made altar lined with dalahästar and lingonberries (that folds flat and stores in a blue canvas pouch when not in use).
- The letter was a mistake. The lady in charge of membership dues is a bit senile or has delusions of grandeur.

In any case, I am curious enough to show up. The calendar says only "Initiation of New Members," at 1:30 after new officers are elected.
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