punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

No, we own the car, honest!

I have tried to keep my depression at bay by keeping away from people when I can, and trying to keep myself busy. Work has been busy, which is good. Whatever "OMG, bad sickness ahead!" crap I had Monday seems to have vanished, although I am still taking echinachea through Shmoocon.

It turns out that even though we paid off our Saturn Coupe in 2002, GMAC still thinks they own it. We should have guessed something was up when we never got the title, but we had other issues on our mind at that time, like family deaths, so it got "pushed down the stack" until forgotten. We do have proof we paid it off, however, and the fact they never asked us for more money or turned us in for non-payment supports this claim. So takayla called GMAC, and they are going to send us the release of lein. Surprisingly, there is no story here of complete and utter incompetence. Once we get that, we have to send the DMV the lein as proof we own the car, grease their palms with a Hamilton, and then we get the title.... only to turn around and trade in the car for the VUE.
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