punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Pow pow pow... ow ow ow

My migraines have come back with a vengeance. They either hurt real bad and are over quickly, or they are a dull pain that lingers for hours. I prefer the quick kind, but they are not as common as the slow kind.

I am having a medium wave right now: sharp bursts of pain, numbness on the left side, sensitivity to light, copper taste, and a strange feeling like I have missed something or I narrowly avoided some horrible thing that lingers in a semigloss panic, which I have a theory is something messing with the circuits that give me depression, since some of the pain has random images of things from my youth I would have rather not lived through. I have had these since 1988, and they come and go in waves. This is the first time this "numbness on the left side" has happened since... 2001?

Luckily, my migraines have been less and less, which is why I think my depression has also lessened. I have been treated for migraines, take a medicine for it, but sometimes the medicine doesn't always work. Taking caffeine helps, in fact, drowning my mouth in chocolate kills the copper taste and soothes the pain almost within 15 minutes. The one-two punch is chocolate and Mountain Dew, but while those are great, they also make me fat, hyper, and after a while, my tummy hurts.

God, I wish this copper smell and taste would go away. I feel like I am sucking on a rusty penny.

I can't sleep. :(

But in otherwise semi-positive news, the bank approved the loan, but overnighted us the forms to sign with the stipend they had to be notorized within 24 hours before the forms turned back into a pumpkin, I suppose. This would have been fine had traffic not been backed up on I95 back to Baltimore. We ended up having a mad rush to find a Notary in Silver Spring.

TADA! My workplace comes to the rescue. The VP and only female that works for my company not only helped me find one, she actually let us follow her to the shopping center where the guy worked. At a FedEx/Mailbox place open until 7. The guy was real nice, too. Special thanks to the VP for helping my family out to such an extent. YAY!

If all goes well, we should get the money at the end of next week. Then we trade in the Coupe for the VUE, get a new fridge and dryer, and get our deck replaced.
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