punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Shmoocon 2006 - Day 1

So today, I am going to Shmoocon with stodgycat.

I had a hell of a time getting laptops for this because I didn't want to bring a GOOD laptop, but all my good ones have Windows XP on them, and that's really a bad idea for a convention where there's a lot of hackers. The first laptop was one that I got from fuzzywhuze; specifically one he dropped and never got to work again. It had no hard drive. I got a hard drive, and got Slackware on it, but the laptop had no NIC, and the PCMCIA NIC I had needs a 2 x PCMCIA slots (an old tulip Xircom). So I decided to hook up wireless... and last night I found that the "r" and "t" keys stopped working.

Makes it hard to login as root with no R and T.

So I had to go back to my old laptop I got from [mumblemumble] in 2003 because [mumblemumbledidn'taskforitbackmumblemumble], a cheesy Dell CPi, PII/400mhz with a paltry 128mb RAM. After a total disaster with Slackware (froze on boot due to stupid nm256 module ALSA issue), I put back a newer version of Kubuntu because that's what I had tested Kubuntu on. It found my Cisco 350 Aironet Wireless (yay), but couldn't get it to work (boo!). So I put n my Xircom (yay!) and found that DHCP no longer works at work (disabled for security, boo!). I stole a static address from the IP pool (yay!), and now I am updating it, but it didn't have the update to KWifi I wanted, and I don't have time now to get it all installed via source (boo!). I printed out a series of howtos for getting iwconfig to work, and I'll work with that.

When I get back, takayla will be gone. She's visiting her sister Debbie. Debbie's getting hip replacement surgery, and seeing as we've already lost sister Brenda (MS, hospital negligence), bother Fran (Hep C from hospital negligence), and mom Sally (total respiratory failure during routine knee surgery, hospital negligence)... we don't trust hospitals. So takayla is going to keep total vigilance on Debbie and won't be back until Tuesday evening.

I miss her already :(
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