punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I hate banks

I know In have said it before, but this time we got this equity loan, right? We work real hard to get it all sorted out by the end of the month, and so we had the check in our hands Wednesday. So far, so good. Then my bank, which used to be quite reasonable until the buyout by appears to be the entire cast of a Bollywood movie, is holding the check for 11 business days.

Holy. Fucking. Crap.

They say it's a security/fraud thing, but they are so full of crap, they should be declared a biohazard near public water sources. When I was a teller, we always let bank checks clear. This check is an official cashier's check, not some hand-painted letter X on the side of a cow. They say it's "out of state," and I guess one of those $8.50/hr managers can be bothered to get his lazy ass to pick up the phone and call the other bank. Cashier's checks are cashier's checks for a reason: large volumes of money that can be moved quickly between institutions. "It's policy," they said.

"It's policy" = Too damn scared to do actual work that requires thinking.

I know why they are really doing it: the check is a high amount, and the longer they hold it, the more interest they get on it. They know, since I am not a customer will millions in their system, that I'll probably only have that money in there for a month or so before I pay off whomever.

I should call them and demand interest.
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