punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The new VUE

So, we got the new VUE yesterday. It's all black and shiny. Very nice. I got to ride around in it a little today. Pictures later...

We also got OnStar and XM Satellite Radio. The OnStar comes free for a year, XM free for 3 months. I took the package out, and while I was waiting to be paged again, I started to read about them.

First thing that struck me about OnStar was a card that said "Hands Free Calling -- Quick reference card." The first instruction on this "Hands free" system is "Press [picture of button with telephone handset]." With what, your foot? They should say, "One button dialing," or something.

XM is not commercial free. The comedy channel (XM150) had an ad for some nutritional supplement, and then ads for other channels. But I got to listen to the late Mitch Hedberg, so I am not complaining...

My sister anyarm gave me this cool ... thing... while she was in North Carolina this weekend. It's a monster that sings the muppet "Mahna Mahna" song, and kicks its little feet while waving its arms about. It's awesome.

I have been paged all weekend. It's all little stuff, but there has been a lot of it, and most of it 10pm -4am. I have barely gotten more than a few hours sleep since Friday. I will be so glad to give the pager back Monday...

Oh, and the Duchess is still naked. I am getting her a collar when I get the other subjects new food.
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