punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So tired...

I was up all last night until 1:30am doing the finances. I had to do "End of 2005" and prepare for taxes. Luckily, except for AOL W2's and our mortgage company's interest, we have all the paperwork we need. But man, am I sleepy.

The bank holding onto our money has minorly screwed me this month. I was sort of expecting to have some extra money to pay off some credit card debt, but now I am going to have to dip into savings to do that. In theory, I should get the money back when the funds are cleared, but man, theory is not reality. I have been proven time and time again that depending on money that I don't have in my grubby little hands might as well not exist. I remember way back in my mall working days, when I went to some of Springfield Mall's meetings about what they were doing ad-wise and so on. One year, 1994, they said they would increase 1994's ad budget from 1995 and 96. They would "borrow" from future years. I remember thinking, "That's not right..." and sure enough, that girl was later fired.

CR has Friday and Monday off due to a student holiday, teacher workday, because it's crunchtime for teachers to get out the report cards. I wish I had days off like that again. It used to be Mon-Tues until last year, when the teachers complained 3 days left in a week screwed everything up. Man, whatever. But can you imagine that? Getting two days off while your boss figures out your review?

I am so sleepy. I remember when I had my own office, I could turn out the lights and sleep at my desk if I had to. I can't do that in my pod now :(. I hate pods.
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