punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Ran dumb thots

The new VUE? Still awesome...

We decided on a company to install the new deck and we're waiting to hear back from them if they can install in March. We're getting the TREX system: no wood, just recycled plastic that looks almost indistinguishable from wood, but it's a lot more durable (comes with 25 year warrantee) , doesn't require staining, doesn't warp, resists fading, etc... we're also replacing our gutters and sliding glass doors (at least one of them, maybe both). The deck will be up to code now, and we can have parties on it again. Maybe even hang the hammocks back up!

I really hate it when you are typing something, and an IM pops up and takes focus, and you end up sending an IM to someone that has, say, the UNIX root password for your company.
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