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The weekend: museums and the drier

Ugh. I got some sleep this weekend, but I figure, including that damn night shift job I used to hold back in 98-00, I am almost a year behind in sleep. I slept some more Saturday, but then we had guests over until 2am, and I had to get up at 10 to take CR to the museum as I promised him.

Heh, ninjacooter tagged along. She's always a good traveling companion. The primary goal was to see Roving Mars in IMAX, and see what's new at the Smithsonian. It was opening day for the movie, so I wasn't optimistic we'd get tickets, but we got in at the 2:20 showing, even though the 5:00 was already sold out. The movie? Awesome. Totally go see it. A lot more talking than I would have expected, but holy god, what a lot of great CGI. I am glad I am not the only one who cries at these things.

We also went to the Natural History Museum, lamented that the huge blue whale was gone, and I saw "Frost," a selection of photographs of the Saami (some know them as "Laplanders" or "those blue and red guys who wear curly shoes and herd reindeer"). They had this huge banner in the front, and I'm like, "Al-RIGHT! Scandinavian stuff!" Alas, it was really part of a hallway of pictures in the basement. Not even many pictures. [shrug] The pictures they had were pretty cool, though, because I got to see some stuff I recall seeing my mother had when I was growing up. Our Saami heritage is pretty thin, most of our family can only be traced back to the 1400s, but we traded with the Saami a lot. I got to see their main outpost in Jokkmokk back in '96, and I'd like to go back again this year.

Isn't it cool the Smithsonian Museums are free? I mean, they get you with the gift shops and the exorbitant food prices, but the museum part is still free.

CR and I haven't been to the National Zoo in a while, that's next on our agenda, probably after Katsucon.

I got a new dryer. I am trying it out today, and I'll let you know if it's any good. Unlike a lot of major appliances we have had shipped here, there were no retro-fitting issues; they took out the old one, put in the new one, hooked it up, plugged it in, and wala! Simple. I wish our stove and dishwasher weren't so complicated...

Went to the dentist today. My teeth are fine (well, apart from the bridgework I need but can't afford).
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