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I hated my high school. That much is known by my readers. But you know what? Over the years I have felt kind of bad that the reunions have been so empty. And the rag-tag bunch of people who attend them aren't dickwads, but a pretty eclectic group of those whom I didn't "hang out" with in high school, but seem like decent folk. Here's the summary:

1992: 5th reunion, I heard about 40 people showed, and one of them told me "no one spoke to one another much." I wasn't informed because my father didn't forward the mail.
1997: 10th reunion. Due to the lack of response to most of the 1980s classes, they wanted to hold one big "80s reunion" but even THAT didn't get enough people to do anything.
2002: 15th came and went without a peep from anybody
2004: 17th, poor newlywed Sandra Carerra tried to gather folks, but not enough seemed serious enough for her to justify renting a space at her country club. She quit, I think a little bitter, and about 10-13 people showed up at Dan Prieto's house (and had a good time, from what I understand).

I really started to feel sorry for us. I man, I knew the school spirit sucked, we living in a transitory climate, but... holy cow, 13 out of a graduating class of 440? Gees... my contempt for McLean started to mellow into a feeling of pity.

That turned to irony.

In 2007, we'll have been away from there for 20 years. I expect that no one will do a damn thing, or someone will start something official, and it will fizzle like a wet rag on a candle. I felt bad for Sandra, because she seemed really hurt about it, and I wanted to pat her on the back, give her a hug, and help her sweep up her shattered dreams while going, "It's okay... you didn't understand how strong our apathy was."

Then I thought, "Holy cow, wouldn't it be funny if I did the 20 year reunion?" I mean, I know what to expect. I expect almost no response, maybe a few half-hearted soft, "yaaaay"s and then a low turnout, if any at all. I thought, "maybe the approach has been all wrong. Maybe instead of a reunion, we should host it like a therapy session." No, "This is how successful I am!" but instead, "I still have nightmares about after the prom!" and "Tales from Ms. Lodal: How DID she get that job?"

McLean Veterans of 1987: "We didn't start the fire."

Okay, it's not my favorite title (the song came out in 1989, for starters). An alternate is "McLean HS Graduation Ceremony Survivors of the 1987 Cicada Plague" (see, we had a 6-hour outdoor ceremony with guest speakers in the sizzling June heat during a 17-year cicada swarm... and after a few hours, when we got our diplomas, we aborted the ceremony early - our only unified revolution).

But I am not committed to this. It's just an idea that will probably go nowhere. I have this fear some people will get insulted or bent out of shape, think it's for an ego trip, or something dramatic. I had a fight with someone I won't name on Classmates.com about 7 years ago about this. But really, I just want some gathering of people to hang out, chill, and go, "WTF was all THAT about?"
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