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My tiki drink is missing its swizzle stick, and my umbrella is soggy...

There's nothing like the feeling of losing an eBay auction, gritting your teeth not to raise your bid, and then losing by an amount so high, you don't feel so bad. It's like a pat on the back from a good friend. "Glad I got out of THAT!" Pfft. $150 for an Axis 2100 without the power cord, manual, CD, and listed "verified working, but sold as is." Enjoy, risk taker.

Last night, I was really depressed. Probably the worst it had been in a long time, which, still, compared to how it used to be, this season is still doing well. So I ate a lot of chocolate, and apart from the heartburn (which I get from eating chocolate these days), I felt pretty good. Took about 4 hours, but I feel better.

One of the benefits to having XM radio in your car is you pay for the subscription, so you can get it online, too. I have been listening to it all day. I mean, we got it free with AOL, and AOL has some channels XM doesn't have, like "Alternative 80s" and New Wave, which played songs I hadn't heard, really, since the early 80s.

Oooh! But channel 78, Retro Lounge! Break out your martini glasses and form a conga line...
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