punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Last Friday before chaos

Work has been pretty much non-stop. My boss has me working on several projects, many of them tuned to my skills, like "how to install Linux on just about any i386 hardware." I makes me a little proud to know how far I have come with Linux since just 5 years ago.

Looking over the Tony Bumper story, I am convinced I should toss away the plot I wrote, and only "keep it in mind" if I lose direction. "We Three Gatekeepers" had no ending in mind, and I was very surprised and happy it wrote itself without me worrying about the end. It was like I was witnessing it happen, and when I went through the final draft, I noticed that I wrote a lot of narrative like I was a reporter. "And this happened, and she went there, and they she was heard to say..." And when I went back and forth, I edited the story so the knots became bows, and things began to get tidy and compact without much tangling at all. But I do know how the Tony Bumper story ends, how it has to end, so I hope I can reach there, or the new ending better be more spectacular. The title for the Tony Bumper story is, "Between the Lines," and I will refer it to that name from now on, since it's about a lot more than Tony, even though he's the protagonist. He's in Book 2 ("Opposites Attract"), but some of the elments in Book 2 are hinted at in "We Three Gatekeepers."

Katsucon is coming, and I am mentally preparing for that as well. This weekend was supposed to be AMV Judging, but the weather does NOT look good, and it may be canceled, and then I will have NO idea how we're going to pull it off. I have some ideas for Opening Ceremonies, and I am fleshing those out. The Powerpoint slides were a hit last year, so I will be doing them again this year. I also have some odd music to play (which I am sure won't play). I'll be wearing my new Red sneakers, a suit, and the red hat. I'll be sorta snazzy. Beats the jeans, polo, cast, and cane from last year. I looked like crap. I didn't even make Fan's View, I looked so bad, and that dude photographs EVERYTHING... heh. Here's a pic a friend of mine took.
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