punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Yes, up at 4am... insomnia

One of things I don't like about Live Journal is the lack of a "search" function. I mean, I could build one, and I should but I don't know if I have said something already. So I apologize if I am repeating myself, because I found this a few weeks ago.

Best lightsaber duel ever. Yeah, they are amateurs, but really, the choreography and action-based editing are the shining features of this short fan film. It has a very professional feel, except that you could clearly see it was amateur (among other things, some of the meh acting, but that's not of concern to the medium). The swordplay was well choreographed and flowed much like a dance, and seemed more "believable" than what was in most of the real Star Wars films. I think the rotoscoping and the cinematography is probably the best I've ever seen for an amateur production.

I like Star Wars a lot, and if I had to choose a "genre" I was a fan of, it's this, although I am not so into the SW Universe, I'll ever dress the part. But if anyone gets me a real Park Saber for my birthday this year, I'll be very happy. M2 please. :)
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