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So Saturday, a lot got done. There were two things I had to get off my chest that I got sent to the right people, and they hit their targets. Sadly, they are of a personal nature (to those involved), so I can't really go into them, but sometimes when you are weighted with heavy news, it feels better to pass it along so you don't have to think about it anymore.

On top of that, my family and I went to a warehouse in Baltimore that could only be described as "characteristic." And I don't mean that badly. The new Katsucon headquarters is a lot bigger than I would have imagined, and is seeped with history. It's a large complex with two floors, multiple rooms, and layers of previous occupants you can't just strip out by removing walls. Those who have been to warehouses in Baltimore, especially the older ones, know what I am talking about.

So instead of watching the AMV entries (only 50 this year) in my rec room, we watched them from folding chairs and crates on a small TV. I thought,"Oh God, this sucks..." at first, but the crowd was pretty focused, and instead of taking almost 5-6 hours, it only took about 2. And everyone had a good time. My old Katsu pals were there, like Christian, Ron, Keith, Doug, Scott, Kai, and Alex, and a few more familiar faces like Colette. I am sure I am missing a few people. But oddly enough, the warehouse had a "good feel" to it. Keith showed me how they were going to section up the rooms, and discussed possible ideas everyone was kicking around about future use of space, including subletting (which they were currently doing) and possible events. A lot of the place was a mixture of "under renovation" and "a convention is about to happen," which filled my mental senses with the air of cultural familiarity and reminded me why I do this every year.

The snow (that was supposed to start at 6am) finally broke free and was coming down pretty hard around 4pm. My family and I drove back from Baltimore in the driving snow, but it only started to stick to anything at about 5. Then for no reason except we could, we snatched up Chance, and we met her, Matt, and Anya at Chuck-ee-Cheeses.

As the kids get older, it's harder to find an excuse to go there.

Oddly enough, I was dragged into a discussion of atoms and the Periodic Table of the Elements, and I may end up tutoring Chance to help her catch up on science and math. I used to be a tutor in Algebra and Spanish in my youth, and I was quite good at it.

Sunday, I didn't get a damn thing done. Lazy me.
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