punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Laundry is boring

I won't go into it, except to say I have developed this nasty habit of trying to fit in laundry in spare moments, only to leave a load in the washer I have forgotten for several days, and then I have to re-wash them so they don't smell musty.

I am preparing for Katsucon 12, doing some Powerpoint Slides for OC, and getting in the frame of mind of someone who will be onstage in the next 42 hours, wrangling the barely wranglable. Woohoo! I got another warning, "Dude... we have a tight schedule..." this time from the tech crew. Yes sir! Don't worry, I want it on time, in-and-out, have-fun, as much as you do. :)

I still don't know when AMV Awards are happening. I still think Friday, which means after that... since there's no "Whose Katsu" for Cosplay... I'm free!

ZZzzzzz... sleep in!

Okay, not really. I help out where I can, socialize, I'll be in the merchant's room a lot, I am sure...
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