punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Katsucon 12 so far

I am having a good time.

I was looking forward to this weekend, but with a little trepidation. Mostly due to what I have been calling "the drama llama." More on that later. But my planning has paid off, and I have kept to my own little worlds with my circle of friends, and focused on the attendees of the con rather than foggy issues that move in the darkness around me.

My two main "things" were Opening Ceremonies and AMV awards. Both went well. OC only started 2 minutes late, mostly because tech was still setting up as I started. The high point were some of the guests, who were goofy and funny, and the audience loved them. While I was pressed for time, we only ended 2 minutes late, and yes, some of that was due to guests goofing around, but I am not really upset because, as I said, the audience loved it. This con is for them. Even if only about 100 showed. Next year, I really gotta be on the ball and push for a later OC, although when it was explained to me WHY we were so early, I support the decision, because ultimately it focused on more important events.

AMV went 15 minutes late, but we ended on time anyway. The audience was awesome, the videos were great, and CR's friend Eugene got to announce a winner and hand them a trophy. kaiotte was funny as hell. She's awesome.

I went to the Friday dance, too, where joeanon so so freakin' awesome. I hadn't danced like that since... damn, Suzi, ninjacooter, Cambion, and whomever (Margaret, Viper? It's been so long...) went out to places like Traxx in the early 90s. I'd describe the dance as "rave lite," like all the good elements of a rave without a lot of the stupid side elements (drugs, drama, tweakers, etc...). I swear, Andy was like pulling tracks out of my own deep MP3 selections. I write to that stuff, man. Woke up a part of me I was glad to welcome back. Our little group was anyarm, stodgycat, and cheesy_reads, and we had a totally fantastic time. On Saturday, I was listening to him spin in Artist's Alley, where I saw karmandolian the most relaxed and happiest I have ever seen him.

The merchant's room is in a parking garage. Weird. takayla and I got badges with our chibi selves on them. I got two t-shirts (so far), some Pocky, and some Kiwi candy. I am going back for more stuff, I think, after this entry, and will report on the haul later.

I have had great conversations with other people, too, like daecabhir and thedreamymoon.

So far, and it's Sunday morning, I have avoided the "drama llama," which isn't a specific person or event, but my current name for a concept where something silly, psychodramatic, and taken too seriously by some people develops a persona of its own. While I have been successfully avoiding the drama llama, I have to say that the drama llama has been around and occasionally brushed me aside on its way somewhere else. Thus I have heard bits and pieces of about three major "issues" in various, and almost completely unconnected parties. It's hard when friends of yours get sucked up into someone's psychodrama tornado vortexes, but experience has shown they eventually land, and come back, maybe a little wiser for the journey. Since I don't want to add to the drama llama's feed fund, I won't even go into it, because it really doesn't matter. So don't ask me "I heard So-and-so did this-and-that and what the hell?"

It's just an anime con, guys. Come on, we're not solving the world's problems, here. We're a gathering of people dressing up like fiction characters and watching those characters on movie screens. It's like Rocky Horror, in a way. Let's put some perspective on this.

It's all good.
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