punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tails from Katsucon

I had this grand plan to wear the following for Opening Ceremonies: my new bright red zebra-print Converse Chuck Taylors, my suit, a red pimp hat, a furry fox tail, and carry a red pitchfork. I wanted to be a sort of anime devil and pimp out in style. That didn't happen. The day before the con, I found my dress pants and both my white shirts had fallen from their hanger and had been crushed under a suitcase, and so were wrinkled and need dry cleaned, my pitchfork was missing (it used to be in the guest room, anyone seen it since Halloween?), and my pimp hat either shrunk, or my head got really fat since Halloween.


I wore the Chuck Taylors and the fox tail. Almost no one noticed my shoes, but the fox tail got a HUGE response. Okay, maybe not huge, but I totally forgot I was wearing it until someone pointed it out. For some reason, this made my sluggish, 37-year-old bulk seem "cute" to young girls. "Tee hee hee!" they said. "Let me see your tail... ooooh... kawaii!! SQUEE!!" Then anyarm said that girls in the audience were going bonkers about it at the AMV awards.

"Why are you wearing that?" someone asked me in the elevator, who seemed annoyed that some teen girls were tugging at my tail. I said I forgot I had it, but he wasn't buying it. So I told him that I made an insensitive remark about furry fandom to dreamtigress, and this was my penance. He didn't believe that either, but asked, "Who's 'Tiger who makes the masks?'" I felt a bit creepy, me being 37 with a teen son of my own, making teen girls go "SQUEE!!" and tugging at my pants.

Then it reminded me of my friend Joanne, who used to wear a tail, and hopped around Keyser, kissing random strangers. How funny I didn't remember that until now, and while I won't kiss random strangers (ever, sorry ladies, my heart belongs to one and one alone), I think I'm going to wear it a lot more at cons...
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