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Today bleh

Ugh, I am in a foul mood. I hurt my ankle (again), and now it's in one of those stiff Velcro casts. I ended up staying home from work yesterday because of that and the lack of sleep, and worked from my laptop. But no one engaged me in much, so I spent some spare time setting up tomato seedlings and cleaning the fridge (which I could do while on the floor).

Last year, I totally forgot to plant seedlings (Artoo got sick and died around the time I needed to plant them, and then my foot was messed up, and there was Katsucon...), so the seeds I used are two years old. I did that once before, and about 20% survived so, I expect about the same ratio. I only hope they don't work TOO well, like that one year there were still frost warnings by the time they were ready, and some of them died because they got too big indoors, and the once I tried to put outdoors froze to death. I got a tip to reduce the huge leafiness of my plants by snipping the tops when they got too tall, thus encouraging thicker stems. This from the daughter of the person who gave them to us. I will be trying that.

I gave the fridge a good scrubbing, too. It's a Sears "el Cheapo" fridge, the lowest of the frills that still has an automatic ice maker. I really only get to do that yearly, and last time I did it, within days something spilled in the fridge, and no one cleaned it up so I had a clean fridge for only about two weeks. The problem is that the fridge "pools" condensation, so water normally dribbles down back in the summer, and the space under the crisper drawers had a dent where the water collects. Most fridges have a drain plug, but this one doesn't (it doesn't even have a drip pan). Normal condensation evaporates, but when it has some goop in it, it leaves behind a film. And then when major spill happens, it just doesn't go anywhere for a while, and then it's all nasty. You can't see it too well because it's all under the drawers, but when you have to clean it... ew. I scrubbed the shelves, took out what came out and soaked/washed them, and now it looks almost brand-new, except I didn't get to the inside of the door, and that is half held together with duct tape anyway. If I can get to it, I will remove the tape, clean, and then tape it all back together. Honestly, duct tape has been the only thing that worked: crazy glue, hot glue, and clear packing tape all failed after about a week. But apart from that, it's like a whole new fridge now. I totally go Zen when I look at it.

I can't complain about work. I am on call for this week and next, and pages have been light so far. The other hosts have been working heavily on site migration, and we're almost done. I have been working on chasing down bugs with mallets, working on really obscure issues and helping my boss with hardware. My kick-ass presentation has led to another opportunity to shine. I am Lord of the Backup. Fear my tapes...

I got into a really pointless argument today with a friend because I completely misread an IM session. I totally went therapy on him, and I didn't need to. It would be like if I thought I was reading a suicide note, and it was really a note saying "Dinner's in the fridge, I'll be back at 7." My dyslexia is one thing for writing, a positive boon, but when doing comprehension? Gah. One missed "not," and it changes the whole sentence.

I hope I have a good weekend. I am tutoring a 6th grader who needs a boost in math and science, so I am looking forward to that, but otherwise, I have no plans other than housework or making bubbles.

Yes, I said bubbles. More on that later...
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