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Links - Some random recent bookmarks

This really has no order, but here's some stuff I saved for interest. I swear, I am going to write a bookmark database one of these days (I have seen what's out there, and it's either too complicated, or not very secure). But here you go:

Want to send stuff to our troops? Here's a great site for good ideas of what they need and are allowed to have.

There's not a lot here yet, but I got this announcement they were collaborating on Linux drivers, and wanted to keep an eye on this site:

A Behemoth among Online Tech forms, Ars Technica has its own Wiki, moderated by one of their core users. There's a lot of quick and dirty "howto" stuff here:

Want one of those nifty faucets that turn themselves on and off? I was thinking about it for the guest room:

Like Miyazki merchandise? Want the latest in Totoro action figures? Need a Makkuro Kurosuke Window Mascot? Here's the latest catalog of items from J-List:

I wanted to find a site that listed who's running in my state for this year's elections. It took a while, but I found it:

Want to test your server load? Want to see how bad it can get with all hardware pistons firing, so to speak? Here's how:

My cousin Sven worked on this cultural project this year. Sorry, it's in Swedish:

I like sites that have old, bad albums. Several songs in my mp3/ogg collection are specifically some of the worst tracks ever made (I have one of Jodie Foster singing in French). Holidays sometime release some of the worst of the worst, and "At Home with the Munsters" is certainly down there with Celebrity Golden Throats. Hear Fred Gwynne sing:

Quick and dirty Perl Array manipulation:

My former boss was part of this club, and encouraged me to join. I don't know if I will, but I didn't even know these guys existed anymore:
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