punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Confession of a Non-Dancer

The last time I was at a dance of any significance (sorry, FanTek and Balticon, your music is awesome, but the dances are pretty sparse) was back in the early 1990s with some friends. I used to hang out a few nights with Suzi, Cambion, Margaret, Rogue, Eden, and a few other people, including some of Prune Bran. I don't recall where we went, except they were usually Goth-related (Traxx was one name I recall). I never danced. I hung out by the bar and watched others because I was a chicken-butt poopy-head.

At this last Katsucon, I danced. I considered the dance to be the best I have seen in a long time. It was like "Rave Lite," all the stuff I like about a rave (music, lights, semi-Goth young crowd), and none of the stuff I hate (drugs, drama, police). I had a blast, mostly because I was in the company of anyarm, stodgycat, and cheesy_reads. I didn't dance well but I don't recall anyone judging me about it (or anyone else, for that matter), and while I watched to see what other people did, it was a mish-mosh of people just moving. I really looked hard to see what people were doing (my night vision was very poor), and here's what I found. Dancers broke down into three categories:

- People who move with no real plan. A lot of bobbing and weaving with no real pattern you could replicate. This is what a majority of the people did, including myself. A few were making out, rubbing their groins around, and so on. Get a room, you horny bastards! Heh.
- People who were fairly rhythmic. This is what I call "dancing" in the traditional sense. Not many people did this but it was obvious they recognized the 4:4 beat, and a pattern usually went like this: 4:1 - Style 1, 4:2 - Style 2, etc... and then repeating after 4:4, sometimes shifting the styles.
- People who were showoffs. I don't mean this in a bad way; a few times the floor "broke out" and circled some people breakdancing and doing other complicated gymnastic moves that ranged from poser to real pro. Some danced "against" one another, like a mini showdown, and that was cool.

Loved the glow sticks. Loved the personal blinky lights. They are the best damn thing to come to a dance floor since the 80s.

The Deejays were pretty good, although it reminded me of something, I think djkangal once told me: you have to pay attention to your audience. I may be biased because joeanon is a friend of mine, but he was totally awesome. We just click at some artistic level; I love his sense of humor, too. Some of his tracks seemed to be pulled from my own personal obscure collection. But when he spun; people danced. When other spun, the dance floor slightly dissolved into more social gathering with the same cohesion as a typical bus station at a major hub. I didn't think I could differentiate that well, but the energy was different with joeanon. I thought it might be that he paid attention more, but he really seemed to be in his own world. For those who read my NaNoWriMo story, "Wooly B" is based on him somewhat. I don't know how he does it. The other spinners seem a little rough and generic, like they knew what they wanted to play, but didn't have the experience to see what the audience was in tune with. This isn't to say they were bad, no, not at all. Just... different. What they have to do is very hard; I doubt I could do it nearly as well, and I *have* done it, and still miscue enough to realize that I have about 80% of my audience in check, and the other 20% are like, "Oh, come on, I *hate* remixes!"

[and the trumpet goes waamp waamp]

Some Highlights:

Robert DeJesus, possibly while drunk, came up to me and hugged me a long time while saying very positive things about me. Then he hugged anyarm even longer, making her feel very awkward. Then he went to hug some young nubile anime fen.

Part of me felt like the old creepy guy, but damn, I found myself thinking, "This is IT! These are MY PEOPLE!" Last time I felt that way was... oh, one of my first cons in the 1980s. That felt great. Young, nerdy, slightly gothy people who like hard core techno and remixes. Bring it ON! WOOO! I am teh dork.

There was a lot of what I like to call, "young love." Maybe lust is more appropriate, but it amazes me how free spirited some people are these days. Okay, wow, you are doing everything but stripping and having sex right here and now. I wondered if "crotch burn" was a real malady for some. There were also a lot of "one guy to many girls" going on. The illusion you have to be good looking to do this should be considered dead: every guy I saw with a lot of ladies fit no GQ model I ever saw. I think it's all just attitude and confidence, really.

We saw a soccer mom really out of place. We asked her if she was looking for her kid, and I think she said no, but stodgycat is going to have to help my memory on this one.

There's a reason that glow stick was on the floor: it is leaking. Yuck. I mean, non-toxic or whatever, you still smell like water in the bilge of a large yacht or the floor of a gas station garage. Note to self: bring own glow sticks next time.

I can't believe that me, creepy old guy, had to explain raves to much younger anyarm. "You mean I just dance with this pacifier in my mouth?" Yes. And the Ecstasy tablet going in that indentation. "The WHAT? Why do these people have glow sticks? I want a glow stick!" Note to self: bring own glow sticks next time.

Why do a few people not "flash" with the strobe light? Like 99% of everything in the strobe light "flash" with it; floor, walls, speakers, people, and so on. But I have noticed at almost every large dance I have been to that some people don't flash, and they really stand out and the only non-blinking person there. Why is that? Does anyone else see them?

Note to self: bring own glow sticks next time. Not that the ones they were selling were bad or overpriced, just... well... bring own glow sticks next time. I have a supplier.
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