punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What the heck did these people know that I didn't?

This morning Metro was really packed. I mean, really packed. I have seen it packed before, but this was ridiculous. The first indication something was wrong was that Vienna only had one train at the platform, already packed, and not moving. I got onboard, was forced to stand the whole way, and we didn't even move for another 5 minutes, which got it even more packed. As we went from station to station, it was obvious the delay was preventing a lot of people from getting onboard; there were simply too many people.

People tried anyway. I felt sorry for the short people, because if they weren't near a pole, they had to rely on leaning on the people around them to stay upright. Not that they had a choice. I doubt anyone could fall down in the overstuffed conditions. It was only when we got to Rossyln that things began to empty a little. I got off the Orange Line at Metro center, and not one seat had been free the whole trip.

The Red Line was even worse. The Red Line going out of DC is usually pretty vacant in the mornings since everyone comes in to DC. But this time, it was also packed wall to wall. I had to stand part of that way too, and even the usual draining point, Union Station, did little to relieve the people standing. Very rarely have I not had a seat from going to Silver Spring, but it wasn't until Rhode Island Avenue that a seat opened up. On the Red Line, when they get too full, they skip stations. That really sucks for some people, although they announce it beforehand. We skipped both the New York Ave and the Takoma stations. Silver Spring was more crowded than I had ever seen it; it was like a rock concert just before the doors open, and usually there's only a dozen or so people on the platform.

I hope it's better going back.
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