punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sweden or Bust!

Well, I have been without sugar since Friday, and I feel just awful. Listless, grumpy, and depressed. I am hoping this is like when you fast; the first few days are hard, and then after the sickness passes, you feel a lot better. All I can say is that my normally tentative zeal for life has all but left my mindset and gone to Sweden.

Ah yes, Sweden. Loveli lakes and m00se and all that. Sven finally wrote me back, and wants me to come during Midsommar (weekend of Jun 23rd, if I am not mistaken). I have to get all my ducks in a row now if I want to accomplish that, because Midsommar is like Christmas travel season in Sweden. Anyone who can come home does so to... well, that's what I am going to find out. I went once during St. Lucia, and so if I knock off Midsommar from my "to do" list, all that leaves is Christmas.

Two things stand in my way. CR gets off school the week before Midsommar weekend. Like he gets off Wednesday, and we gotta be on a plane and fly the very next day. It's also going to be arduous to be all jet-lagged during a festive weekend. The second thing is my wedding anniversary is the 24th, and... I don't really want to miss it. I have made the last 16, and she can't come with me, as much as I would like her to.

The rough draft of an itinerary goes like this: Arrive in Stockholm right before Midsommar. Party like crazy, which, in Sweden, is pretty mild compared to say, Norway, who often don't consider it a true party unless there's a death count and a search party formed to find the missing. Visit museums. Go up with Sven and his girlfriend Karin (making this the THIRD Karin I know from Sweden) to Sundsvall, and maybe taking a train to Norbotten to see everyone else. Then we have to go back to Stockholm. That seems a bit much. Lodging is only relevant for Stockholm, since I have been offered other places in Sundsvall and Boden. If I can get AA to pay my way with a buttload of Airline miles, I might just be able to afford this. All I will have to pay for is food, train, and stupid things I'll buy at shops. I am also DEFINITELY shipping things back to the US. I did that last time, and while Swedish Post sadly uses Airborne Express ("Where you are happy your package arrived damaged, because that meant we didn't lose it..."), the risk is work the cost versus lugging the crap through customs. Most of what I got survived last time, as long as I stick to soft goods, unbreakable items, and things easily fixed with glue, I am okay. Sadly, I have found out this precludes wooden crafts and packaged food (WASA rye makes for poor croutons).

No more candy, though. No more Marabou. :(
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