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No more sugar - you have to understand

When I was a kid, I knew a lot of "diabetic" kids. For some reason, a bunch of parents didn't want to give their kids sugar, and instead of restricting it and saying, "no," they told their kid he or she was diabetic and that sugar would kill them or something. There wasn't a birthday party I didn't attend where a few kids couldn't have the cake because they "had diabetes." Then, I think it was in 6th grade, they had a film about "kids with differences," where they lumped everyone together in one big "handi-helped rainbow" of kids in wheelchairs, had palsy, blind, deaf, diabetic, asthmatic, or whatever. The film's underlying moral theme seemed to pander to, "They are NOT diseased, you will NOT catch what they have! We'll show you just how normal they are by grouping them together and singling them out..." They showed one kid who was diabetic, what diabetes was, and he had to take shots 3 times a day and measure his blood sugar with a lancet and something that resembled litmus paper. I recall a lot of the "diabetic" kids I knew became confused. The teacher who showed us the film said, "We have a diabetic in our class, Timmy, will you please stand up?" I don't recall Timmy's real name, but recall he expressed how tired he was of other kids claiming to be diabetic when he had to take shots all day so he wouldn't fall asleep. So those kids went home, all scared, and asked them parents, and the parents called the school with a "Thanks a LOT! Now what do I tell them??" Um... you were the ones the lied.

[waamp waamp]

One of the things some of you have mentioned about diabetes is that saying "no more sugar" is a bit overboard, and yes, I agree, but there is a reason. See, when it comes to sugar, I am similar to an alcoholic. I simply cannot control my intake once it stops; there is no "less and less sugar intake" for me. This is also why sugar-free candies and non-diet soda are also out. I'd eliminate diet sodas, too, if fruit juices didn't require refrigeration.

I tried going off sugar for one month in 2004, and it worked as part of a "how long can I go without sugar?" but then the year got so depressing what with Fran's death, money problems, my job woes, and all... I needed it back. After that it was apparent that I was bingeing. I couldn't stop. I tried and lasted maybe a day before I got really shaky.

My friend Ben, while he was working at AOL, went on "the patch" to quit smoking. This was before they were over-the-counter, and his doctor told him, "Now that you have the patch, if you smoke, the rush of nicotine will KILL YOU!" [horn section] Ben went cold turkey after the patch, and we both wondered later on if the doctor could have just given him a piece of tape and said it was the patch. Ben has now been smoke-free for 9 years and has two wonderful kids.

I need that threat of death. I am not scared of dying since I have had an NDE and don't fear the afterlife at all, but it seems to be the tool I need in order to not to go back to sugar. I need the excuse, whatever my brain is translating it as; "finality" or whatever. I get my sugars from fruits and the like, and I am sure I'll get it from from other things like General Tso's chicken or something, but what do I have to lose by saying, "No, I am a diabetic, I can't have that or I'll go loopy?"

So in effect, I am doing the same thing that pissed poor "Timmy" off. Although medically I have diabetes, so it may not be the same, but I don't have to take 3 shots a day of insulin.
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